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Rodriguez – Sandrevan Lullaby/Lifestyles

Rodriguez – Sandrevan Lullaby/Lifestyles

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vidura says:

Lyrics are just random lines, swallowing in endless sea of patheticism. No true thinker gives these lines any meaningfullness, for there are none to be found here. But the man himself is a child of our times. Empty, shallow and meaningless times. He shows the emptiness of human society.

Ken Vail says:

This song is absolutely stunning–used brilliantly in the movie too

David -flamingsword1 says:

I get a Leonard Cohen vibe from this one.

Pat Naidoo says:


Exequiel Bruna says:

!! Gránde Sixto Rodriguez !!
Las calles en invierno, cuando buscas al " dealer" , son iguales a cualquier lugar.
Un abrazo afectuoso desde Chile. EccecoMadBruna.

MrMidnightfield says:

love <3

monique3540 says:

I found my sugar man …….

John Whitworth says:

Even Rambo loves the Psychedelic folk rebel.

gleen says:

the start of this song, intense beauty and sadness, and then the lyrics, sheer majesty.

R.Lira. cl says:

La mas hermosa canción que escuché este ultimo tiempo.. Obra de arte. 

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