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Good Charlotte – Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous – LIVE (Unplugged)

Good Charlote “lifestyle” Unplugged

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らいおん says:



brilliant love it!!!

Slippy Jones (Tranzparent) says:

Joel has the hand movements of a rapper… He talks with his hands…

Lunch says:

Its so crazy how when they sustain the same note, it sounds only like 1 person. At most, its like the final chorus of big pop songs where the artist adds on some fancy phrases to the original chorus

Melany Banderas says:

benji and joel have such a sweet voice 😍

joseph serrano says:

theyrereally good but lot of hater, definitely because the punk thing…ofcourse they are not punk but theyre good to

Riding in Vans w/ Boys says:

this is gold

Stewart hanes says:

harmonies.. sound amazing

Ben Reddy says:

This is an addictive version of the song. Love singing this so so much ✌️

Russell Walvoord (Dodgerdad31) says:

The 16 morons who disliked this video need to be jackhammered in the nutsack!

russell7790 says:

No one cares about your life this is YouTube not a therapists office 

17cityblocks says:

These harmonies are insane af

Fabrício Oliveira says:

nostalgia total.

Brandon R says:

Always on those harmonies, these two. Incredible.

Andy Fechi says:

Anyone knows where was this recorded? It was part of a compilation from a UK tv Show i listened in a trip 10 years ago… I'm trying to remember so i can search the compilation…

xxOddPandaxx says:

Tabs or chords for this? 

StreetRat says:

I just rediscovered this band.  When I was in high school, these guys were getting played so much on KROQ that I really got fed up with them.  But now the hype around them has died down, I can really appreciate their music.  These songs are so taking me back.  I never knew just how much I missed my high school days . . . the days when I was even more naive and unsure of myself . . . back when the world was still this great big adventure for me to unravel.  


I've garnered new respect for these guys, they can sing

EpicOpMc says:

This is just amazing

Nukem567 says:

Man that was awesome.

Helpmakeme says:

Im literally Raping the replay button

Lucy Goodwill says:

Their voices fit together so perfectly:)

codeviolation69 says:

awesome harmonies.

Robbo says:

2 years later, and only 6 more dislikes. This song is the best!

GuitaristChase says:

this was the first ever song i learned every lyric to, this song is amazing x3

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