Bill Conti – Theme from Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous (Come With Me Now)

“Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” was a mid-80’s celebrity & wealth-worship series produced and narrated by Australian host Robin Leach. The show opened with a memorable theme tune, arranged as an orchestral disco, which had been the rage in the mid 1970s (and inspired the “The Love Boat” theme.)

But the melody actually originated in a Love Theme for the George Peppard movie “Five Days From Home” (1978) with composer credit for the movie given to film/pop arranger/composer Bill Conti (who had written the hit theme tune from the film “Rocky”); The melody also had a lyric written by Norman Gimbel under the vocal title “Come With Me Now” which had been written for the movie in 1978.


Enjoy my collage of rich and beautiful images taken liberally from google. Cheers!

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  1. TheJonaco says:

    I loved this show back in the day- a guilty pleasure if there ever was one. In addition to this soaring theme song, "Lifestyles" had a secret ingredient- Robin's breathless Anglo-
    Aussie tabloid voice combined with that of David Perry (brother of sports filmmaker Bud Greenspan), the smoothest voice-over guy who ever lived.

  2. Daniel Webster says:

    Donald J. Trump's father; Fred Trump, was a very poor man! Fred Trump started with nothing at age 15 and started building garages in New York. When Mr. Fred Trump died, he left behind for his children a net worth of over $100 million dollars. Nobody gave it to Fred; he earned it!!! Anyone who I know of, who has real wealth, earned it. Years and years of hard work, dedication, set-backs, head-aches and heart-aches, tragedy's. Nobody gets rich for free.
    P-Diddy, had to work his butt off and sell his soul for what he has today.
    Anita Baker, worked and sang like hell in nightclubs, up in Detroit to catch a break. So, get your shit together people!!! What are you willing to do????????

  3. Jordan Thomas says:

    Champagne wishes and caviar dreams!

  4. TheRenard10 says:

    Disco Singles Chart

  5. Joe Young says:

    A majestic theme indeed.

  6. Daved Wachsman says:

    In a positive way the Donald J. Trump theme song of whom I will be voting for President of the United States of America!. Donald will get done as proposed and you can take that to the bank. What Mr. Trump says he will do. 5/7/16

  7. Bobby satedcentaur says:

    So champagne wishes and caviar dreams, we meet again.

  8. Daved Wachsman says:

    In my opinion perhaps the Best Ever Theme Song Ever 12-11-15

  9. Murat MORSÜMBÜL says:

    Very nice. thanks.

  10. sam simmons says:

    I love this song and was wondering could someone post the Dionne warwick song champagne wishes and caviar dreams. may you all have a life of richness

  11. John Soto Jr. says:

    This theme was also used back in the 1970's and 1980's for a Los Angeles local show called AM Los Angeles which was on KABC-TV Channel 7. Regis Philban use to be the host for this show in it's early years and Steve Edwards in the later years.

  12. Mamba Negra says:

    Perfect soundtrack for playing Monopoly

  13. Tom Bumk says:

    Anyone know what the song was that played during the closing credits?

  14. SingersSpaceNYC says:

    Thanks for sharing! Might you also have the song that Dionne later sang at the end of the show?  Called "Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams"

  15. ragemanchoo82 says:

    Theme instrumental

  16. stndrds79 says:

    great memories as a teen late at night saturday night i miss those days :(

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