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Bebe Rexha – I Got You [Official Music Video]

Bebe Rexha – I Got You. Available on:

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Lola M. says:

Who's here before 2 million views? ^^

Anna Lulu says:

O meu cu @diogoparodias

No. says:

Can we start a #NoSexualMusicVideo trend please? Let's make 2017 less sexual.
And please don't tell me "People can do whatever they want" because that's a bald excuse

Ana Beatriz Lima says:

Casa comigo por favor

OrViV says:

I am watching this in January 7th of 2017

Barca Barca says:

Honestly bebe rexha id rather listen to a turd hitting the toilet than ur new song
I hope ur voice box gets destroyed by a gorilla dick

Lola M. says:


jayenn insular says:

Am I watching kylie jenner here? hahaha

Lourine Allen says:

selena gomez 2.0

Phillis Shayi says:

This vid is missing a hot guy.

Arthur Vinicius says:

O meu cu @diogoparodias

Julia Orżewska says:

why the other version was tooked down? It was so much better 🙁 no offence, couse this is nice two, but in the one in naughty club was much more oryginal

ben10 Tennyson says:

bebe is awsome and sexy

Harley jester says:

best song ever I love her she's amazing

Marcos Diaz (MD-MOD90) says:

Shakira version gringa

Viih Liindah says:

Tudo bom Kylie?

Daryl Mico Mangabat says:

Catchy Song, one of those songs that you'll hear in radio over and over again, She don't need to alter her voice, too much auto tune in all of her songs, We already know how she sounds like, her voice is not that great but that's what makes her stand out, not conventional voice like Jessie J (Although Jessie J is obviously in a different league that woman is a vocal monster) Bebe Rexha if you're reading this Embrace your Own Voice don't use too much auto tune you can't hide it in your live performances.

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