Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog 162 – Lifestyles of the Sick and Twisted

Throbbin Screech brings a TV crew to interview Robotnik for “Lifestyles of the Sick and Twisted”. Robotnik rampages through the Mobius countryside proving how sick and twisted he is, and Sonic is kept busy doing rescues. Tails decides to take on Robotnik himself, but is captured. But Sonic comes to the rescue in a Coconuts disguise, rescuing Tails, and being interviewed by Throbbin for “Lifestyles of the Brave and Do-Gooders”.

Sonic the Hedgehog, the most fearless hero on Planet Mobius, uses his supersonic speed and teenage irreverence to thwart the comedically despicable Dr. Robotnik. Sonic’s idolizing little buddy, Tails, tags along on every fast-action, gag-driven adventure.

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  1. KL TV (seungwon3936) says:

    6:10 Slam Dunk! Two-Handed Reverse.
    7:57 My Full Name is Dr.Ivo.RRRROBOTNIK!

  2. Camamania says:


  3. Metal sonic says:

    his change his name to Dr eggman but he is still awesome

  4. Jinxer o says:

    02:21 GURL!!! CALM YUR TİTS !

  5. Spooper Dooper says:

    9:15 AWWWWWW <3

  6. Darkstar263 says:

    "I won't just dip her, I'll dunk her. SLAM DUNK!"

  7. The Crazy Drawer 34 says:

    in the back it says old yell o

  8. Daniel Machado says:

    10:22 robotnik's claw was near tails and why didn't he catch tails

  9. Alder613 says:

    3:13: How I feel when I fight the final boss of Kingdom Hearts Re:coded.

  10. Calvin Gray says:

    I can't believe you called him egg man

  11. BowserLover Gaming says:


  12. Marcos Vitor Lopes Araújo says:

    What's scene where Robotnik is called Eggman?

  13. Toad Lash says:

    Everyone always goes on about how this is the only time in AOSTH and 1st time in English that Robognik is called Eggman but it is also as far as I know the only time someone calls him by his 1st name Ivo! at 8:03

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