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【Cafe Music】Disney Music Cover – Jazz & Bossa Nova Music – Instrumental Music

0:00 For The First Time In Forever/生まれてはじめて Frozen/アナと雪の女王
3:02 I See The Light/輝く未来 Tangled/ 塔の上のラプンツェル
5:45 Let It Go Frozen/アナと雪の女王
8:50 When You Wish Upon a Star/星に願いを Pinocchio/ピノキオ
13:45 Beauty And the Beast/美女と野獣
16:38 Do you Want To Build a SnowMan?/雪だるまつくろう Frozen/アナと雪の女王
18:57 It’s a Small World/小さな世界
22:07 You’ve Got a Friend In Me/君はともだち Toy Story/トイストーリー
24:40 Under The Sea/アンダー ザ シー The Little Mermaid/リトルマーメイド
27:11 Kiss The Girl/キス ザ ガール The Little Mermaid/リトルマーメイド
29:32 Mickey Mouse March/ミッキーマウスマーチ Mickey Mouse club/ミッキーマウスクラブ
31:57 So This Is Love/これが恋かしら Cinderella/シンデレラ
34:47 Someday My Prince Will Come/いつか王子様が Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs/白雪姫
38:30 Love Will Find a way/愛の導き The Lion King/ライオンキング
42:20 Something There/愛の芽生え Beauty And the Beast/美女と野獣
44:51 Can you feel the Tonight/愛を感じて The Lion King/ライオンキング
48:49 Once Upon a Dream/いつか夢で Sleeping Beauty/ 眠れる森の美女
52:00 Part Of Your World/パート オブ ユア ワールド The Little Mermaid/リトルマーメイド
58:50 A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes/夢はひそかに Cinderella/シンデレラ

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simplyxdelish says:

wish i found this earlier!! <3

Abdullah Almarwani says:

You should do covers on video games, anime, and more of Disney tracks.

Aretta Godwin says:

I like it but missing alot of disney songs. STILL good cover :)

Hope He says:

MUSIC IS AWESOME. could be a few hours longer as i am studying for finals. THX anyways.

Mina the Bina says:

Great as background music to write to.

Rosangela Moniwa says:


Channel Michael says:

My new favorite channel :D

a Micchi (みっち) says:

リストのPart Of Your Worldのあと、ホールニューワールドが抜けてるみたいです。

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josh puangco says:

How to download it plsssss

Rahul Chugh says:

loved it , thank you

Yashi K. says:

I love this!!!

Ham Sandwich says:

Do you guys have tabs?

ScottiMusique says:

Your channel : perfect ! Thanks guys !

Ngân Nguyễn says:

Love this channel so much !!!

R G says:

very relaxing <3 :)

Hannah Lynn Phillips says:

I listen to this while I catalog my books and records. Great stuff. :)

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Bonnie Chiaccio says:

I absolutely love this!!!!!! ty big fan

세윤 TV says:

wonderful song thank you

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