The Other People Place – Lifestyles Of The Laptop Cafe

Genre: Electronic
Style: Electro, Downtempo
Year: 2001


[00:00] Eye Contact
[05:30] It’s Your Love
[13:01] Moonlight Rendezvous
[20:08] You Said You Want Me
[24:31] Let Me Be Me
[32:17] Running From Love
[38:07] Lifestyles Of The Casual
[43:37] Sunrays

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  1. Demetri Class says:

    25:30 Thanks Bogdan Raczynski!

  2. Monster Energy Music Academy says:

    probably the best thing warp ever put out
    and we're talkin about frickin warp

  3. Lucas Fowler says:

    I thought this album was sort of boring when I first heard it, but now I realize over much time how amazing this record is, I can't stop listening to it.

  4. Ryan Platt says:

    The first track seriously has blown my mind. Detroit's scene was so covert – nobody else knew much about it – unless you were there.

  5. Adrian Harley says:


  6. craig “Electroslut” white says:

    Top Album timeless classic, from the Drexciya stable

  7. David Bradshaw says:

    one of the best albums ever

  8. Going Good Records says:


  9. BandWagon1987 says:

    I cried and I marvelled at the same time

  10. wnkrs says:

    to me, the best most honest beautiful transcendent album of all time. so pure.

  11. Silas Hallahan says:

    so much high end

  12. Geraunimo Jérôme says:


  13. Rod GS says:

    Beautifully crafted sounds.

  14. Tim Berghuis says:

    Stinson playing mastermind is definitely a gift.

  15. da mo says:

    timeless classic.

  16. ue .re says:

    brilliant album, let me be me harmony takes you on a journey

  17. Nina Kardec says:

    thank you !

  18. gabbafm says:

    Possibly the best electro album of all time.

  19. Steve Reynolds says:

    The other people place? Bit separatist. Such a slogan on a club sign would make me think 'wankers' tunes be good though

  20. Suni PJ says:

    oh yeah! transmission overload :D

  21. Warris says:

    Good stuff!

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