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Saudi music video on women’s rights goes viral

A Saudi production company has released a music video that promotes women’s rights in the country. It has now gone viral with 2.5 million views & counting

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bobbyrutz says:

CNN trying to shove garbage down your throats. Disgusting news network.

David Matt says:

Fuck Islam and their motherfucking Allah!

Ibrahim Abdalla says:

Lol at the rural trump supporters in the comment section!

Gasia says:

Pretty sure everyones all for equal rights…but don't TRY TO CHANGE SOMEONES FUCKING RELIGION

Zach Snyder says:

the sas thing is, is that these countries need stuff like womens rights, but the woman in theae videos are kind of stupid

Malloc says:

Fuck you CNN, traitors to American people….

ADH87 says:

Saudi Arabs will always have a regressive culture because of Wahhabi Islamism.

iphoneksa says:

اجلدوهم ديس لايك

Daniel Laze says:

Islam is religious Nazism….and CNN is okay with that….because they are ignorant and intolerant.

markman manmark says:

Youtube Abel Danger.  real news

alhanof alzhrani says:

This news does not belong to CNN !

Chrome Book says:


22 why not says:

هلا والله صرنا في cnnحبتين😂✌

Buddy Luck says:

THIS IS THE SAME AS THE 'HAPPY' VIDEO. Some kind of propaganda. No one in saudi arabia probably sees this

The Laughing Rabbit says:

"I am not making a sexual statement," I say as I whip out my shlong.

zamstudy says:

Looks at the hands … those are guys. Probably the same bearded dudes. Even the making of the video was false … let alone the message.

Productionmark says:

So now they push arabic content on american main stream media???????

Michael Jones says:

Equal but clothed!!!

Then00bhunt3r says:

Does one of their rights include taking that bullshit off?

Mike Bolderstake says:

The criminalization of men's natural authority in marriage is destroying Western civilization. Muslims might suck in many ways, but at least they know better than to destroy marriage. The New Testament is chock full of stuff about gender roles, but no politician will touch it with a 10 foot pole and no commercial church will preach it.

Eli Oz says:

A video for women's rights featuring three dancers with dicks because they won't allow women to dance. CLASSIC CNN MATERIAL! This is the most polished turd you've aired this week!

titiman IV says:

Ofcourse that video was made by CNN to establish an opposition against the Saudis gov't just like in Benghazi and Syria so that the Saudi Arabian-American relationship can get fucked… Obama tried that in Russia but miserably failed, I am not saying I hate Arabians, in a matter of fact, Saudi Arabia is an amazing city, I don't like them either… I just hate CNN

Jack D says:

Search Saudi Arabia pics from the 60s.

jowarnis says:

muslims are disgusting i dont want to see those animals or hear about them in eu or us..

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