S.E.S._한 폭의 그림 (Paradise)_Music Video

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The waiting has come to an end!
S.E.S. debut 20th anniversary album “Remember” has been released!
The album contains a total of 10 songs with double title tracks “Remember” and “한 폭의 그림 (Paradise)”.
Their 1st title track, “Remember”, written by S.E.S. members, is a medium tempo pop ballad song combined with beautiful piano melody and string orchestra and it talks about how thankful S.E.S. feels about their fans who have been waiting for their comeback
The other title track “한 폭의 그림 (Paradise)”, produced by Mike Daley, Mitchell Owens, and Yoo Young Jin, is a new jack swing genre song. Enjoy the music video of “한 폭의 그림 (Paradise)” and send lots of love and supports to your legendary girl group, S.E.S.!

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  1. CC Chan says:

    음색쩐다 바다님

  2. Quyên Trần says:

    OMG Eugene :'( Why so beautiful :'(

  3. Bianca Maurize says:

    I miss them even though I am still not existing in their time.

  4. 세진앙 says:

    S.E.S 진짜 최고❤💙💜💛💜💕

  5. Mega Kurnia says:

    Eugene is so pretty

  6. Kiky Koto says:

    i think their face are original

  7. Gabriel says:

    Whos the visual cause all of them catch my eye😏

  8. BakaXO XO says:

    Eugene is really pretty in past and now

  9. acoustic wave says:

    우와 SES 완전체군요!!

  10. 이세영 says:


  11. 윤수현 says:

    유진 진짜이쁘다..

  12. Aya Comet says:

    SES will always have a special place in my heart. They are legends in the Kpop industry and no one can come close to what they've become 😍 Shoo will always be my bias no matter what happens! But Bada's voice and Eugene's visuals are just unchanging!!!

  13. David J. LEE says:


  14. jeheon Song says:

    진짜 끝판왕이 나타났다

  15. coldzzzzxxxx says:

    older, nice!

  16. 흠흠 says:

    바다 목소리는 언제 들어도 청량함 크으…

  17. Elisa Gbrt says:

    one of them sounds like the female version of TVXQ's Changmin, really strong vocals

  18. Dingo berry says:

    eugene still look so beautiful. Shoo look good with long hair. Bada is amazing.

  19. 소리 솔라 소 says:


  20. Hilari Kushida says:

    Rohui eomma looks sooo gorgeous

  21. 서유니 says:

    왜다영어야ㅠㅠ난초딩인데일단 제가태어나기전이지만이쁘시고 노래가좋아요

  22. Cover Girl says:

    New in Kpop will be like: Who is this new girl group?
    Old ones in Kpop be like:Queens came back to their thrones!!

  23. Living Lightning says:

    Their voices matured quite well.

  24. 서혜 says:

    솔직히 지금 아이돌들보다 실력도 노래자체도 좋음 연륜은 못따라온다

  25. Gina Fauzi says:

    falling for Eugene~ how could a mother be that pretty?

  26. Ralph Darrz says:

    Hoping that snsd will going to be like this even they have kids.

  27. Austin Potter says:

    so 90's!!!! love it

  28. mia says:

    they're all so gorgeous i love my three mothers

  29. donuthaters12 says:

    The joy of discovering a group and having to choose a bias.

  30. Quynh Nguyen Ngoc Phuong says:

    Now I finally understand why my Ryeowookie always goin' crazy for Bada diva THAT MUCH ughhhhhh

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