[HD 2016] Luxury Lifestyle Of Billionaires – World Billionaires

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  1. Vytis Dineika says:

    it's all about the fun and lifestyle that you can have in exchange of money, the love that you get driving porsche is equally important as the car itself and the cash that bought that for you…. so instead of crying about all these people ''having fun'' you should try at least to get there yourself, taste the blooms of real life… and freedom, feel some respect people..

  2. Konkita X says:

    hope the party planners are anticipating retirement, of course some of the rich will have insane request- but insulting clients in the sales and service industry typically doesn't go far. Hope many take these videos lightly, there are plenty of very wealthy people who live a rather humble lifestyle in regards to there net worth.

  3. Truther 416 says:

    Guy with big dicks was busy fucking while little dicks was busy thinking how to get a dick extension thats worth millions to only fuck sloppy seconds and underage kidnapped virgins who just lay there and dont even know what a moan is ……………..Muhhahaha

  4. Gakuba Emmanuel says:

    habari nawania msichana biuuiyoneya tafadhali nibeebe[ mr e gakuba[55]/kigali

  5. Gakuba Emmanuel says:

    hi am applying to engage with billionaire girl poke me please if dared—-mr emma/kigali[55]

  6. Shayaz says:

    connect on instgram: shayazk

  7. Win-Win says:

    хочу иметь доход 200 тыс. руб. в месяц, живя в России – что конкретно мне для этого нужно делать?

  8. Jamie .B says:

    Private plane for a papaya? I hate papaya.

  9. Alvin2000ish says:

    "5 time world champion kick boxing champion"…did you buy those titles like you did your shitty looking car riyahd ya dickhead?never heard of ya!


    money dont buy health nor love

  11. Angelo Basso says:

    all the money these people have is disgusting, meanwhile every 60 seconds in Africa, a minute passes.

  12. bobtastic47 says:


  13. Yajhaira Perez says:

    I say this: by the end of the day, insects outnumber humans always, 75% of the world or something. Shit talk all you want but all you can do is imagine. "If I had that kind of money, all the good I would do would be…"
    Your eyes open in disbelief at "those people" a hand to your forehead, "I could do so much better…!"

    Weird comparison but in psychology, we learned of this real incident that covered the front cover newspapers, something educational.
    A woman screaming for help in New York City. She screamed for help, the lights to the apartments were on and people looked out the window. This woman was stabbed by a criminal.
    She went to the door, she screamed for help and for FIFTEEN MINUTES, she would not receive help. (Anyone reading this says I would have done this…) a lot of people heard her outcry. They were "good " people.

    Imagine is one thing, experience is another. It's called the bystander effect I think

  14. Ziggo 25 says:

    so empty

  15. Ankur Ghosh says:

    Its a mad n sick world

  16. slinkiegirl2001 says:

    at the end of the day when you pass you will not be remembered for the luxury houses that u lived in or the luxury cars that you drove , or all the material worth you acheived, you will be remembered for the good deeds that you did, we have just lost a fantastic gorgeous beautiful in heart and soul in george michael and i am seeing fans bringing flowers and remembering for the nice person that he was not a a childish yacht owner trying to out do his fellow billionaire, sounds superficial, that is not to say i would not want to go on those luxury yachts but it would not define who i was when we have homeless and children dying of hunger

  17. peo C says:

    Oh, My god…

  18. guitorinth95 says:

    why do people complaine? if u want money then stop the jealousy and start workin!

  19. vimublue says:

    it's not about the money, it's about the freedom

  20. George Wardy says:

    I say good luck to you how you spend your money is your choice please enjoy if you have the TIME ? To digest it?

  21. Dinu cv says:

    no matter how much rich one day you will have to leave every thing in this earth.. then the maggots will feast on your deadbody

  22. saltythebear says:

    This is disgusting.

  23. bluebull399 says:

    Success is a mindset and if you can apply that method of thinking eventually money will follow. I've met rich people along the way and they are always dedicated and focused. The key to succession in life is people not money, when you mix with the right people money will soon follow. Focus on being amongst rich and influential and get noticed, if people like you eventually they'll start throwing you opportunities. Get out there and start networking and enjoy the journey. if you're sat at home watching you tube videos of rich people you are never going to be rich.

  24. CAl Gond says:

    i wanna be rich :(

  25. I become you, you become me. says:

    what a faggot

  26. Andre Paussy Hendrata says:

    rich life oke.

  27. Gigga Niggeh says:

    wealth doesn't buy beauty lmao

  28. José Sousa says:

    The sense of absolutly superiority of these people make an average one sick

  29. José Sousa says:

    All this money was earned honestly? Yes? Great !

  30. mohammed sherief says:

    and most of them are stupid Arabs
    btw i am one of them but this is purely stupidity

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