Four Millennial Men With Different Incomes Share Their Totally Different Lifestyles

Four millennial men, with completely different incomes, sit down to discuss the lives that they can afford. Sam, Grace, Brett, and Hasan talk about what life is like for millennials. Let us know if you own your own home.


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  1. catothewiser says:

    3 Jews and a Black. Real representative.

  2. bawniey says:

    Such a depressing video.

  3. Antonio Cortes says:

    Portland isn't affordable anymore. Lol

  4. Sasha Hershey says:

    why does the blond girl keep saying "that's sad" over and over… it is reality and real life. Sad is people third world countries who are sold for money so the family can survive, sad is those individuals who have nothing to eat, or whose countries were wore torn and list Everything they worked for. I don't feel bad for people who can't be home owners, they have a rough over their head and an opportunity to earn to pursue a lively hood

  5. spacegreycoralred says:

    As far as home ownership, this is all a matter of timing. Houses from 2007-2010 were dirt cheap…

  6. Samuel T.M. says:

    funny and sad lol :(

  7. thereyousee says:

    Y'all are so dumb. You put yourself in LA and then complain about not being able to get a house.

  8. thereyousee says:

    It totally is possible. The real estate in the southeastern US is amazing lol

  9. Jose Reyna says:

    Here in Texas, you can buy a 8-10 acre square lot of land, with a home built on it, and a personal lake of land for $40,000. California is over rated.

  10. Johnny Grande says:

    Ok this is off topic but damn Hasan is so fucking hot I wanna be his sex slave thanks bye

  11. juki0h says:

    I'm a millennial and a doctor, I make 240,000 a year. The work is tough though, long hours but in 15 years, maybe I will retire.

  12. blaster chris says:

    White people talking about struggle lol. Who's privileged now bitches?

  13. Mr Green says:

    If you wanna own a home do it the down payment is only 2-3%. Get a room mate or two so you can afford the morage. Save enough so that you can refinance the house with a 20-30% down payment so you pay less in your morage.

  14. Ivan. D says:

    so true i live by menlo park in the bay area no one owns a house unless the people got the house way before they were this expensive or people who are afluent. A super crappy 2 bedroom house here would be 600 to 700 k or more which is sad cause this area is really nice.

  15. Commander Erik says:

    i'm from miami FL, and back in miami i used to pay $950 for a SMALL studio in an ok area. Now i moved to a small city, and i pay $810 for a full size one bed and one bath with large living room and large balcony and water is free.

  16. R3dM3g says:

    33 is millenial?

  17. Daniel Alvarado says:

    where is the people of color in this?

  18. robsonic says:

    "Tony Robbins" "Robert Frost"

  19. I'm a princess says:

    In Texas that happens.

  20. Eden Grey says:

    Broke was to busy chasing skirts seriously how does anyone in america make it to 28 as a stock person at a grocery store? Let's be real you have to try to be poor in this country, I know 21 year olds working sales at Best Buy make way more than he does and by the time they are 28 they will most likely have manager positions

  21. DaniDotDee says:

    I imagine it's hard for a lot of millennials to be happy because of student debt. By the time I'm done with my master's I will graduate with probably a lifetime of debt, and the end result will be an average paying job. During my time working in a university, I found that this is the case for so many students.

  22. Wise Owl says:

    I absolutely can't stand the blonde lady. She may just be the most annoying, controlling person on YouTube. YouTube needs to stop recommending me to watch pop trigger.

  23. Bee Hem says:

    It's not sad that a lot of places are unattainable, its life. You don't need to live in these areas. Move, that is an option if you can't afford to get what you want where you are.

  24. hilogirl2424 says:

    Did she just say Portland affordable 😂😂😂 its ranked 14th on the cost of living index……….

  25. Michael Criswell says:

    My parents help me with a down payment on a trailer. Five years I paid it off I ended up selling it and buying almost an acre of land within the city. I'm going to build an off grid house so that I can live very comfortably and any money that I save doesn't go to utilities

  26. Genevieve Rose says:


  27. toomuchtime says:

    I'd love a soul sucking office job these privileged white peoples need a day the the Bronx.

  28. toomuchtime says:

    So the bush administration truly screwed our generation

  29. Parker So Fetch says:

    Well the cost of living matches the quality of social atmosphere.

    Sure a California Native might endure a few Quakes and a shortage of water, but you don't have to worry about 4 rednecks dragging you down the road tied to the back of their pick-up truck because you were holding another mans hand.

    You get what you pay for, ya know?

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