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BeBe & CeCe Winans- Two Different Lifestyles

from album ” Different Lifestyles”1991

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Gary Lee says:

When I was little I thought that these two were husband and wife lol.

Dacia Richards says:

i love this song…i feel this way

Keasa Burbank says:


Pam Williams says:


Refiloe Ntoi says:

Now that I am born again, now that I am saved, I can choose my destiny!! Amen!!

- Book says:

This song is one of those rare, "special" songs. The music, the flow, the feel… And the ending! Yes, the ending when Be Be starts to say "Chang my lifestyle…" and then the harmonies begin to kick in, with the music starting to go into this "zone", it's so on point! (you've got to turn it up loud in order to get the full effect). The song is most definitely anointed.

marvalus 77 says:

LOVE THIS album!!!

Yummo “Ami” Nagisama says:

Flipping yes!!! Best song ever!!!

Tanesha Woods says:

I grow up listening to them. my twin and I use to pretend we were them. lol. this song brings so many happy memories.

tlaki Mohatle says:

oh my gosh….this song alwaaaays makes me cry towards the end no matter how hard I try to hold myself…I'm 33 yrs today, I first heard this song when I was 18 yrs, I still cry each time I listen to it…Bebe and Cece🙌

Angela Jackson says:

Changed my lifestyle!  In Love with Jesus.

lucky mzileni says:

lovely song.

Zoe Smith says:

My favor couple

Tamia Jazzell says:

The ending is amazingly beautiful! He changed my lifestyle and now I can smile again🙏🏾

tlaki Mohatle says:


Shannon Thomas says:

I remember growing up listening to this…

Alice Gabriel says:


thobile ngomane says:

oooh gosh just the ending

jesushateswood says:

I love the ending of this song.

Good Music says:

There is a song on my YouTube channel with an inspirational,message! Click on my profile and go to my videos and watch the whole video!

Tometa Bendy says:

Being born again made a big difference from Two different Lifestyle, We can see much better now 23 years going strong!!!! Mr. & Mrs Bendy.

Irvin Franklin (donmega) says:

I love this song!!!!!

Ivan Aw says:

Whoa brings back memories, I love this song as a kid.

Michael Payne says:

This entire Sountrack is Breath taking and Spiritualy Uplifting!

Christina Straw says:

Brings back so many memories!! Love you Bebe and Cece!!

Itumeleng Moraka says:

Two different lifestyles –  Beautiful song indeed. 

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