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♪ Top 10 Minecraft Songs – 2016 Best Animated Minecraft Music Video’s ever

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10. TNT

9.Make a cake

8.ill make some cake

7. All I Do Is Dig

6. Revenge

5. Don’t mine at night

4. fallen kingdom

3. Mine

2. Cube Land

1. Take back the night

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Dory Santos says:


Dory Santos says:


BassieGamess - Gaming says:

I love take back the night!

Wooden Nano_dog64 says:

I'm Watching in January 2017

Alberto Burgos says:

this song is so cool♡♡♡♡♡

Tim Lamers says:

top 10 muziek is tnt

robin ghazala says:


Lucy Knowles says:

I subscrabed

Gunnu Grewal says:

Rocin It! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 😇 😇 😇 😇 😇

Lilioza Ndiweni says:

I love the song its catchy

Luis Gonzalez says:

This video is awesome

J&M Quinn says:

I think 1 of my faves is Don't Mine at Night

SlugShot_ 5000 says:


Hannah Griffin says:

My fav is tnt and fallen kingdom

Meme It Gamin Gang says:

Oh Me Bro TWINZYS! (;

jose guerrero says:

i hate this am gone

Foo says:

well its 2017 and they werent from 2016 anyway lol

Leonardo Borghi (L3y0n486) says:

my favorite is the 2nd and the 1st

jose Martinez says:

wow just can't stop watching mincraft

ThatGuy327 says:

Would you look at the time, I'm late for my bleach drink. K bye world

Shelley Hadley says:

Amazing bro do more pls

Raven Zapata says:

I love tnt

John Millar says:

It says 2016 but it was made in 2014 ??

PSI - says:

cool moosick

Dilleron *play 2.0 says:


George feret says:

Don't mine at night is my favorite song

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